Sunday, October 15, 2017


Made another set of EXTRAS for you. On transparent Background.

Download them here-


Been very busy lately with the grandchildren, so I haven't been able to get any Tuts written.
But I have made some Extras for you to snag. Transparent background.

You can download them here-

Monday, October 9, 2017


This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP
It was written using PSP 9 but can be done in other versions.
I only write tutorials as a guide. What YOU do with them is up to your imagination.
The PTU Tube I used was made by Lady Mishka, and can be purchased at Tiny Turtle Designs here-
The other supplies was found on the internet and are included here-

1- Open and Duplicate your images

2- Choose a light color from your tube for the foreground color-I used #ee7800-
and  a darker color from your tube for the background color-I used #621400

3- File/New/800 by 800/Transparent

4- Floodfill with your background color

5- Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image/DD_FallMask_8

6- Layers/Merge/Merge Group
Open S.D. Halloween Cats

7-Edit/Copy/ Close Origial
Edit/Paste/Paste As New Layer

8- Image/Resize/40%/All Layers-UNchecked
Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow-
V & H (minus) -4, Opacity=90, Blur=10, Black

9- Open GGOB~JackOLantern_003
Edit/Copy/Close Original

10- Edit/Paste/Paste As New Layer
Move to lower left corner, place on top of the pumpkins on the fence.
See my tag above for placement
Effecta/3D Effects/Drop Shadow-same settings as used in Step 8.

11- Open Spider.png
Edit/Copy/Close Original
Paste/Paste As New Layer

12-Move down to bottom right corner of fence
Image/Resize/90%/ ALL Layers-UNchecked
Image/Rotate/Free Rotate-Right-20

13-Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow/ Same settings as in Step 8.
Open your Tube-I used Lady Mishka's Chibi Witch 02
Edit/Copy/ Close Original

14- Edit/Paste/Paste As New Layer
Resize if you need to, I had to resize mine by 50%, All Layers-UNchecked

15- Position the tube to the top left side of your canvass.
Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow/same seetings as in Step 8.
Layers/Merge/Merge Visible

16- Image/Resize by 75%/ All Layers-Checked
Layers/New Raster Layers
Add your text and copyright info.

17-Layers/Merge/Merge Visibile
File/Export/PNG Optimizer/16.7 million colors=Checked
Existing=Checked, Background = White and
Save to your designated folder.

Thank you for doing my Tutorial. If you share it please direct
to my Blog for the Tut here-

My Yahoo Group-
PSP-Let's Have Fun!-

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Tube of your choice. I used the PTU art of Laguna at Pics For Design here

FTU Scrapkit-Pure Serenity-by MizTeeques here.

TT-twtemplate-made by me-TeriW
Miz_PS_Element 20
Miz_PS_Element 15
Miz_PS_Element 24
Miz_PS_Element 30
Miz_PS_paper 4
Font-Calendary Hands
Foreground> a light color from your tube. (Mine is #ffffff)
Background> a darker color from your tube. (Mine is #131332)

My Supplies Here-

STEP 1- File/New/800x800 pixels, transparent.
We will resize later.
Floodfill with your foreground color, I used #ffffff

STEP 2-Open Miz_PS_element 20, 
Edit/Copy, Close Original
Edit/Paste/Paste as New Layer.
Image/Resize/75%, All Layers Unchecked

STEP 3-Using the Magic Wand tool, click inside the frame layer.
Selections / Modify / Expand = 10.
Highlight the bottom layer,
Layers/New Raster Layer
Do Not Deselect

STEP 4- Open Miz_PS_paper 4
Edit/Copy/, Close Original
Edit/Paste/Paste Into Selection,
Keep Selected
Layer/New Raster Layer

Step 5-Open the tube you are using,
Edit/Copy, Close Original
Edit/Paste/Paste Into Selection
Selections/Select None

Step 6-Highlight the top Layer and
Layers/Merge/Merge Down
Open Miz_PS_element 30
Edit/Copy, Close Original
Make sure the Top Layer is Highlighted

Step 7-Edit/Paste/Paste As New Layer
Using the Move Tool,position it on the right side of frame, see my tag
above for an example.

Step 8-Layer/Duplicate
Layers/Merge/Merge Down

STEP 9-Layers/Duplicate
Image/Rotate/Free Rotate/ Right>90
Layers/Merge/Merge Down

Step 10-Open Miz_PS_element 24
Edit/Copy, Close Original
Edit/Paste/Paste As New Layer
Image/Resize/50%, All Layers UNchecked
With the Move Tool, position Miz_PS_element 24 to the top right of your working canvas
See my tag above as an example

Step 11-Layers/Duplicate
Layers/Merge/Merge Down
Open Miz_PS_element 15
Edit/Copy, Close Original

Step 12-Edit/Paste/Paste As New Layer
Image/Resize/50%, All Layers UNchecked
Image/Resize/75%, All Layers UNchecked
With the Move Tool, position Miz_PS_element 15 to the upper left side of the frame
(See my tag above for an example)

Step 13- Highlight the Top Layer

Step 14-Open TT_twtemplate
Edit/Copy, Close Original
Edit/Paste/Paste As New Layer
With the Move Tool psition TT_twtemplate to the top left side of the canvas
See my tag above for an example

Step 15-Layers/Duplicate
Layers/Merge/Merge Down
Layers/Arrange/Send To Bottom
You won't be able to see the TT_twtemplate at this time.
Now we'll get ready to animate the template.

Step 16-Highlight the White Background Layer
Highlight the Bottom Layer which should be your template layer
Layers/Duplicate (For a total of 3 layers)

Step 17- X-out (close) the two top template copy layers
Highlight the bottom template layer

Step 18- Effects/Plugins/DSB Flux/Bright Noise
(If preferred you can use Adjust/Add>Remove Noise/Add Noise, settings to your preference)

Intensity>36, Mix

Step 19-X-Out the bottom template Layer and
open and highlight the middle template layer
Effects/Plugins/DSB Flux
Settings same as above, hit OK twice (two times)

Step 20-X-out (close) that layer and
Open and highlight the top copy template Layer
Effects/Plugins/DSB Flux
Settings same as above, hit OK three times

Step 21-Image/Resize/75%--All Layers CHECKED
Repeat this step if you prefer your tag to be smaller.

Step 22- X-out (close) the top 2 template copies.
Highlight the top layer in the Layers Palette
Layers/New Raster Layer
Add your copyrights and text.

Step 23- Edit/Copy Merged
Open Animation Shop-
File/Jasc Software Products/Launch Animation Shop
Edit/Paste/As New Animation

Step 24- Go back to PSP and X out the bottom Template Layer
(keep the top Layer Highlighted)
Open the Middle copy of the Template Layer
Edit/Copy Merged
Go back to Animation Shop
Edit/Paste/After Current Frame

Step 25- Back in PSP, X out the middle copy of Template layer
and open the 3rd copy of the Template Layer
Edit/Copy Merged
Edit/Paste/After Current Frame

Step 26- View/Animation
If you like it, Save as .gif to your designated folder
Thank you for doing my Tutorial. Hope you enjoyed it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017



2297-man-LB Tubes
Starbust mask
Download Supplies here-

The man tube is from LB Tubes & Mists

No Outside Plugins
Open the tubes in PSP and minimize for now.
Put The Texturetw.jpg in your PSP Textures folder.
Change your Foreground color to  #c6c6c6
Change your Background Color to #263635

Step 1-
File/New/900 by 500, Transparent.
We will resize later.
Floodfill  with the Foreground color.
Effects/Texture Effects/Texture/Texturetw

Texturetw, 100, 0, 2, 0, 0, White, 315, 43, 32/ OK

Step 2-
Layers/New Raster Layer
Floodfill with the Backgound color.

Step 3-
Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image/starbust.jpg.
Source Luminance-Checked
Invert Mask Data-Unchecked.
Layers/Merge/Merge Group

Step 4-
Open 2297-man
Edit/Copy  Close original.
Edit/Paste/Paste As New Layer.
Image/Resize by 85%, Reisize All Layers Unchecked
Move to the left side of the working image

Step 5-
Change the Blend Mode to Luminance (Legacy)
And Opacity to 50% Click OK
Layers/Merge Down

Step 6-
Highlight the top Raster Layer 
Open OneMoreDayWordarttw. 
Edit/Copy/Paste As New Layer
With the Move Tool,  move the Wordart to the right or a position of your liking.
(See my tag above for an example)
Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow using the settings below.

V & H=1, Opacity=30, Blur=2, Black

Layers/Merge/Merge All Flatten

Step 7-
Image/Add Borders/5 Pixels, Background color.
Symetric Checked.
Selections/Select All
Image/Add Borders/ 25 Pixels, White

Step 8-
Effects/Reflection Effects/Kaleidoscope using the settings below-

(minus) -62, 28, 160, 8, Wrap, 3, 1, 62 /OK
Keep Selected.

Step 9-
Effects/3D Effects/ Cutout, using the settings below.

V & H=2, Black, 100, 5/ OK
Selections/Select None

Step 10-
Image/Add Borders/5 Pixels/ Background color
Image/Resize/85%, Resize All Layers-UnChecked.
Layers/Merge/Merge All Flatten

Step 11-
Image/Resize/75%/ Resize All Layers-Checked
Layers/New Raster Layer
Add your text and/or copyrights and 
Layers/Merge/Merge All Flatten.
Export as JPG to your designated Folder.

Thank you for doing my tutorial.

For more Tuts and Challenges join My Group here-
PSP-Let's Have Fun